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Digital Rights Director allows you to sell your streaming media using a Pay-to-Play business model that prevents anyone from accessing the file without first having to remit payment, regardless of how they receive the file. Streaming media/web casts, web site downloads, CD/DVD distribution, e-mail, or peer to peer file sharing are all controlled, including the number of times the file can be accessed!

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Digital Rights Management (DRM) Whitepapers & Information

Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) Data Sheet
Source: Microsoft

This is a copy of Microsoft's Windows Media DRM 9 Series datasheet. The combination of Microsoft's Windows Media Rights Manager and Windows Media Encoder provides a flexible, secure solution for delivering protected digital media content via download or streaming. Together, these products can simultaneouly encode and encrypt files so that content is "never in the clear" prior to delivery. Providing real-time encryption in the DRM process protects the content during creation and delivery.
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Format: PDF
Size: 1,173KB
Date: 2002

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Whitepaper
Source: TeliaSonera

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology that was developed and is being developed as a protection against the illegal distribution of copyrighted online material such as music or documents. Although Napster's service was ruled against in court in the beginning of 2001, alternative peer-to-peer (P2P) services have appeared on the Internet. DRM is a technology that lets rights holders safely distribute and sell their content online in a digital form. This white paper focuses on audio and video content, such as music and movies, but we also briefly discuss DRM for publications, games, and software.
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Format: PDF
Size: 373KB
Date: Feb 2002

Digital Content Delivery Using WindowsMedia DRM: Benefit From It
Source: Microsoft

In order to make Internet distribution of premium digital content safe from piracy, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology must provide multiple levels of security while maintaining a high level of convenience and quality for the consumer. Microsoft Windows Media DRM provides this quality and security while allowing content owners to decide exactly how their content is to be used. Content owners have the flexibility to create new and innovative business models as well as to build upon traditional business models and existing technology solutions. Windows Media DRM minimizes the cost of getting digital content online and provides the best business value for protecting it from illegal distribution.
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Format: PDF
Size: 2,868KB
Date: Nov 2001

Interoperable DRM
Source: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

This paper discusses interoperability of digital rights management (DRM) systems. The paper starts by describing a basic reference model for DRM. The cause of interoperability is served by understanding and circumscribing what DRM is "in the whole." The paper then outlines and contrasts three different approaches to achieving interoperability. One approach relies on flexible network services to provide functionality where it is needed, perhaps by bridging different systems. The paper describes an experimental service orchestration system (NEMO) that enables such an approach.
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Format: PDF
Size: 147KB
Date: Jan 2004

Copyright Law: Digital Rights Management Legislation
Source: Congressional Research Service

Digital Rights Management (DRM) refers to the technology that copyright owners use to protect digital media. This report surveys several of the DRM bills that were introduced in the 107th Congress and those that are pending in the 108th Congress. Generally, the bills are directed at two separate goals. One goal is to increase access to digitally-protected media for lawful purposes. The other attempts to thwart digital piracy and would do so by enhancing civil and criminal sanctions for digital (and traditional) copyright infringement and educating the public about the rights of copyright holders.
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Format: PDF
Size: 71KB
Date: May 2004

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