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Digital Rights Director allows you to sell your streaming media using a Pay-to-Play business model that prevents anyone from accessing the file without first having to remit payment, regardless of how they receive the file. Streaming media/web casts, web site downloads, CD/DVD distribution, e-mail, or peer to peer file sharing are all controlled, including the number of times the file can be accessed!

More Information On Windows Media DRM...

Want more information on Windows Media Digital Rights Management? Read below for valuable information on DRM:
Digital Rights Director
Online Media Store (OMS) Pricing

Digital Rights Director's Online Media Store (OMS) includes
the following integrated features/functions for a one-time
non-refundable setup fee of $195 plus $99.95 per month:

Streaming Server Web Hosting with 1GB Storage (approximately 2 hours of good quality video) and 100GB bandwidth (approximately 200 hours of good quality video)
Unlimited Windows Media DRM Packaging
Unlimited Windows Media DRM Licensing
eCommerce Platform (multi language & currency)
Newsletter Manager (unlimited messages/recipients)
Affiliate Program (unlimited affiliates)
Web-Based Administration
24 x 7 Technical Support
NO Technical Skills Needed
NO Long-Term Agreement & NO Cancellation Fees!
30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

* $195 One-Time Setup Fee, Domain Name Registration,
and SSL Certificates Are NON-Refundable.

Digital Rights Director will assist you in converting your media and getting it loaded into your Online Media Store since it's the only way to ensure your longevity as a customer!

OMS Add-On Modules & Optional Services

Domain Name Registration $14/year Required for OMS but can use any unused domain or can register one with any Registrar
SSL Certificate $99.99/year Required with most Merchant Account/Gateway Payment Modules. Not Required with PayPal
Additional 4GB Disk $10/month Gives approximately 8 additional hours of video storage
Additional 10GB Bandwidth $10/month Adds approximately 20 additional hours of video delivery
OMS QuickLaunch $199 As easy as it is to setup the OMS, we have had numerous requests from clients asking us to setup their stores. With our QuickLaunch service we will configure your store settings, payment settings, categories, rules, and get you set to upload your media. We can also provide media conversion and upload services, if desired.
Template Service $349 Applies your existing website’s look & stylesheet to the OMS to make the OMS look like another page of your existing website, and adds custom meta tags for each page facilitating SEO.
Coupon/Gift Voucher Module $179 plus
Enables creation of coupon codes that can be amount or percentage based, applied to all products or specific product(s) or categories, limit number of coupons issued, number of times a coupon can be used, and expiration date. Additionally, enables the creation of “Gift Vouchers” that can be sold as products in the store and then, like a department store gift card, can be transferred to friends/family and used for purchases in your store. Unused credit is kept on account for future purchases
Producers Portal Module $995 plus
Enables OMS owners to distribute other peoples’ content from the OMS and track royalty payments to the content providers. With the Producers Portal, other content providers can apply in the OMS to become “Producers”. If accepted, they are granted access to a portal where they can submit their audio & video for review. If the OMS owner approves the submitted content, the content will become available for purchase in the OMS. Purchases of the content are tracked back to the Producer the provided the content and both the Producer and the OMS owner have access to sales/royalty payment reports so content owners can be accurately compensated for their content that sells.
Physical Goods & Non-Protected Downloads Store $1,215 Adds a SECOND store instance the enables the sales of physical goods and NON DRM-protected downloads.
DVD Conversion $45/each Convert DVD to WMV and Load to Media Store.

NOTE: If desired, Digital Rights Director can also provide you with your own Internet Merchant Account and/or Internet Payment Gateway. Please contact us for details on merchant processing services.
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Our DRM Service Has a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee of the First Month's Service Fees.  $195 One-Time Setup Fee, Domain Name Registration, and SSL Certificates Are NON-Refundable!

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