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Examples of Digital Rights Director in Action...

Below are some examples of how you can use Digital Rights Director to add business rules to prevent unauthorized access and distribution and restrict the number of plays of your digital media files:
Business Examples

With Digital Rights Director, you can set any number of restriction on your media files, such as limiting to date and number of plays as well as the permission to transfer to a portable device. Below are some examples of how Digital Rights Director can protect your media.

Note: The following examples require Windows Media Player 10 or above, which can be downloaded for free below.

Free - The media is offered as a free download, but the number of plays are restricted.
Restricted to three plays
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Promotion - The media is offered as a free download, but the viewer MUST provide opt-in contact info to view.
Restricted to three plays
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Sale - Licenses will be issued upon receipt of payment. The licenses can be delivered as either a pay-per-view or subscription model and Digital Rights Director can limit the ability to transfer the media file to another computer.
Restricted to three plays
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Membership - Digital Rights Director can also limit the views to only registered members who must first enter a user name and password, or other identification method, prior to being able to view the presentation.
Restricted to three plays
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Digital Rights Director Business Applications

Indie Film & Music


Corporate Solutions


Digital Rights Director is a flexible and user friendly media distribution platform that allows content owners to easily upload and securely sell and deliver pay-per-play and subscription content for playback on a computer, portable device, or network device connected to an IP network.

Numerous business models are possible using the tools provided by Digital Rights Director including:

  • Subscription Services - Today, consumers can download thousands of tracks to their computers from a variety of content services for a low monthly subscription fee. However, this subscription content hasn't been transferable to portable devices. Digital Rights Director solves this issue by providing Windows Media DRM 10 technology that allows content providers to deliver content with expanded business rules, and enables devices to support those business rules. This means that subscription content can flow to devices, which increases the value of subscriptions to consumers.

    For example, consumers could be allowed to download a virtually unlimited number of tracks through their subscription, play them as often as desired, and transfer them to any device that supports Windows Media DRM 10. These tracks will be linked to licenses that have start and end dates. At the end of the billing period, the consumer connects to the content service provider and licenses are automatically refreshed IF the consumer has paid the fee. Otherwise, the licenses simply expire.

  • Purchase and Download Single Tracks - Consumers can also be allowed to purchase and download tracks protected by Digital Rights Director on a per-track basis.

  • Rental Services - Many consumers download movies on a rental basis over the Internet to their computers. Digital Rights Director makes this easy by supporting time-based licenses. This means that movie download services can create licenses that satisfy consumer viewing habits while ensuring that the content is used in the way the content owners intended. For instance, consumers might rent a movie that allows them to begin viewing it anytime within 30 days, and for 24 hours once they start playing it.

    Digital Rights Director enables this content to be transferred to portable devices that support video playback, such as Portable Media Center devices.

  • Video-on-Demand or Pay-Per-View Movies - Digital Rights Director supports pay-per-view applications for playback on a computer and extends this capability to set-top boxes, so content can be viewed and licensed over a cable network in addition to being played back through a computer.

  • Live DRM: Enjoying Concerts and Sports Events in Real Time - With Digital Rights Director, content owners can deliver protected live digital media content—such as news, rock concerts, or major sporting events—over the Internet as the events are happening, without requiring that the content first be batched and saved. For example, a music label could offer consumers a customizable concert package with a choice of upcoming performances. After the transaction is complete, consumers can watch the protected live performances streamed over the Internet as they occur.

  • Preview and Purchase Content - Using Digital Rights Director, a retail Web site can offer consumers the option to preview songs before buying them. For example, consumers are allowed to download any song and play it two times in exchange for registering with the service. The third time consumers attempt to listen to the song, they are taken directly to the retailer's Web site where they are given instructions on how to purchase the song. In this scenario, content owners are able to promote their recording artists and albums on the Internet while cutting down on marketing costs and using the registration information to strengthen their mailing list.

  • One File, Different Licenses - With Digital Rights Director, a retail Web site can offer consumers a choice of licenses when purchasing content. For example, for a small fee, consumers can play the song for one month. For a larger fee, they can play the song forever and transfer the song to a portable device. If they choose the latter, Digital Rights Director issues a license to them with no expiration date that also includes the right to play the file on a portable audio device.

  • Company Presentations: Protection of Sensitive Material - A company can protect sensitive digital media assets, such as recorded company presentations, by using Digital Rights Director. For example, employees that are unable to attend a company meeting can view the taped presentation at a later time. Because the company doesn't want the information to leak out to its competitors, it has protected the streamed content by using Digital Rights Director. When the employees select to view the presentation from their computers, a one-time license for the content is issued silently, and the video begins streaming.

  • Distance Learning - A university can save videos of lectures and discussions and encrypt them by using Digital Rights Director so they can be streamed or downloaded to students' computers after the acquisition of a license. The student logs in, and a license is sent to her computer. The university uses the license as an attendance record and also for billing purposes.

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