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Digital Rights Director allows you to sell your streaming media using a Pay-to-Play business model that prevents anyone from accessing the file without first having to remit payment, regardless of how they receive the file. Streaming media/web casts, web site downloads, CD/DVD distribution, e-mail, or peer to peer file sharing are all controlled, including the number of times the file can be accessed!

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The Easiest Way to Sell Videos Online and Prevent Digital Piracy

Selling video online in a digital format poses numerous challenges for filmmakers and content owners. In addition to an eCommerce platform and a method to collect online payments, you may need streaming server hosting in order to stream the content, and great considerations need to be made as to how to protect the content from digital piracy.

The preferred method of preventing piracy of digital media today is Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM enables a content owner to prevent unauthorized access and distribution of digital content by encrypting the content so that it can never be played UNLESS someone first purchases a license from you.

In addition to preventing piracy of digital audio and video, DRM enables a content owner to create rules that determine how and where the media can be played so videos can be sold on a pay-per-play, pay-per-day, or unlimited plays basis giving the owner new ways to sell and market their videos.

DRM is used by iTunes, Walmart Music, Sony Music, Napster, Rhapsody, Urge, and virtually all of the top online media companies, but until recently has been too complicated or too expensive for smaller businesses to effectively implement.

The services that exist today either: (1) provide the piece-parts and leave it up to you to put it all together, or (2) charge exorbitant sums of money to build it all for you.

Well, here comes Digital Rights Director...

For less than $100/month Digital Rights Director has a service that lets content owners sell videos and audios online from their OWN web stores with DRM protection built in to the service. Best of all, there's absolutely nothing technical involved so even a novice computer user can be selling his videos online in a matter of minutes with no set-up fees, consultants or "web guy".

The Digital Rights Director Online Media Store is built on a robust eCommerce platform that supports multiple languages and currencies and has built-in promotional tools like a Newsletter Manager and Affiliate Program.

Everything thing configures in a matter of minutes using a web-based Administration Panel that consist of just a few simple web forms. With these forms you can effectively customize your store, set-up your method of collecting payments, and create categories and subcategories to index your videos.

You can also easily create media rules that determine exactly how the file can be played and used, although many media rules are already created for you as part of the service. For example you can have rules for 1-play, 5-play and unlimited play versions; and/or you can create a 1-day, 1-week, or 1-month play options as well as unlimited plays versions.

You can also enable or disable options like the ability to copy to a disk, transfer to a portable device, or backup and restore; and, if you're going to enable those options, you can specify how many times the file can be copied, transferred or backed up and restored... (continued)

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